Texas Hailstorms: How to protect your home and save yourself money

Everything is bigger in Texas – the trucks, the cattle, the wide-open spaces… and even our hailstorms. Every few years, it seems like we have reached yet another record for the giant ice grenades that plummet onto our properties. In 2016, Helotes saw one the most expensive hailstorms in history, in terms of insurance claims with home and car damages of up to $1.4 billion dollars. Six years later, a 6.4-inch-wide hailstone, the world’s largest ever recorded fell in Hondo. Last year, hail damage was the number one insurance claim in Texas and will continue to be a thorn in every property owner’s side here for the foreseeable future.

So, how do we protect our homes to minimize the damage and avoid the headache of repairs and paperwork? Finding the right siding makes a huge difference.

At Brightwing, we recommend our customers either opt for steel siding or for cement substrates. In fact, James Hardie’s HZ Substrate is built to last, resisting 8 different weather variables: rain, snow, hurricanes, hail, temperature range, humidity, UV exposure, and topographical factors. Unlike metal siding, cement substrate doesn’t dent. It also outlasts vinyl, cedar, and other wood siding, as vinyl tends to crack with time and wood can succumb to wear and tear, and even appetites of pests like termites.

If you want to protect your home against hail damage, contact our experts at 512-323-0124.

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