Prep Your Deck for Labor Day

Prep Your Deck for the Perfect Labor Day Party

What better way to celebrate the end of summer than by throwing a festive Labor Day party. Enjoy the three-day weekend and gather your friends and family to celebrate and honor the achievements of our American workers. There are plenty of creative and fun ways to show off your patriotism, especially hosting a Labor Day themed cookout or party. Here is a list of a few ideas you should consider when planning and organizing your celebratory Labor Day Party.

1. Pick a Party Theme

Have your guests show off their patriotism by coming up with a Labor Day theme for your party. Propose a party theme that is unique and fun. Not only will it make the party special, but also memorable. Remember to coordinate your decorations and accessories so that it fits the theme of your party. Make sure you inform your guests so that they have enough time to organize their themed outfit.


2. Red, White, & Blue Decorations:


What is a Labor Day party without red, white, and blue decorations? Display entertaining, festive, and fun decorations by accessorizing your outdoor deck with vibrant colors and Labor Day-themed ornaments. Bring your outdoor space to life. There are many cost-efficient, low maintenance, easy to get options that will dazzle up your outdoor deck. Use the American flag color scheme to coordinate your outdoor accessories. Different options include:

      Tying decorative ribbons around outdoor deck or rail

      Hanging up fluorescent colored LED patio lights or wrap them around fences or plants

      Placing red, white, and blue patio accessories such as cushions, umbrellas, pillows, and rugs

      Find American color schemed flowers to decorate your yard

      Adding party decorations such as balloons, doorway curtains, party hats, confetti, or poppers

      Accessorizing outdoor tables with Labor Day themed items such as plates, napkins, cups, table cloths, and utensils

And finally, a Labor Day party would not be complete without representing the American Flag; so remember to incorporate flag decorations around your outdoor deck.

3. Entertainment 101:

Keep your guests engaged throughout the entire duration of the party with a selection of fun outdoor activities. You may want to set up various backyard activities that appeal to both adults and children; for example, rather than offering one game for your party, implement several stations throughout your backyard so you can position different games in each spot. Games such as outdoor twister, volleyball, croquet, corn hole, badminton, or a series of contests are all fun activities that will captivate your guests while still competing for the win. Be creative and propose activities that will ensure your guests enjoy. Don’t forget to keep the snacks and drinks nearby!


4. Menu Time

What is a party without food and drinks? Show off your BBQ cooking skills one last time before summer comes to an end. Plan out a menu that offers a variety of American-style grilled dishes and refreshing drinks that your guest will enjoy. If you have a large crowd, propose a buffet-style arrangement. Set up several tables around your outdoor patio or lawn where each table is lined up in a vertical or horizontal matter. This way, it forms an organized line, and guests can serve themselves in an orderly manner.


4. Repairs

Before planning your Labor Day Party be sure to check if your deck is adequately equipped and stable for your event. Take precautions and check to see if any severe damages may need repair. We service San Antonio, Austin, and the surrounding areas. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to contact us to have them looked over.



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