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How to DECKorate

Dress up your outdoor space with touches that add comfort and style. These 4 clever decorating ideas will help you make the most out of your deck, maximizing its usage all year long.

1. Lighting

Lights aren’t just for the holidays. A warm glow surrounding your deck is critical to set the ambiance in your yard anytime of the year. Choose from string lights, fairy lights, floor lighting, lanterns, or a combination of all of the above to illuminate your outdoor area.  With the right lighting, the party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down. Late night barbecues and gatherings just got better and brighter with a deck that is festive all night long. 

2. Dining


When you are lucky enough to take advantage of a dinner outdoors, do it. Choose a quality table like a wooden picnic bench, or utilize built in seating as the basis for your dining area. If your deck gets natural shade, consider setting up beneath that and if not, a large umbrella should do the trick. Do you have views within the yard or property? Enjoy your own landscape by locating the space where guests have a view while they eat.

3. Colorful Accents

No matter what your theme or color scheme is, there is always the opportunity to personalize your deck with fun accents. Outdoor pillows, rugs, and even plants allow you to dress up your deck and can be switched out according to the season. Potted or hanging plants are an easy way brighten up your deck with lush foliage and colorful flowers. Just because it is an outdoor room, doesn’t mean it also can’t be as comfy as inside. Make your backyard feel cozy with pillows and a durable rug while also adding a pop of color.

4. Privacy

There are plenty ways to get innovative in creating a secret spot. Separate your deck from your neighbor’s yard with a privacy fence. Letting a green vine grow up the side is a less obvious way to hide from noisy neighbors in cramped quarters, but floor to ceiling drapes are another alternative if your deck has a roof or pergola. Move them around the perimeter to block the sun or create a more secluded outdoor living area.

Transform your deck from a few pieces of wood into a destination. Giving it a little attention can make your space stand out and serve as more than you may have initially thought. After you invest in your deck, you will want to linger outside for hours. Brightwing will help you get started by building you the base you need so that you can be creative. We want to work with you to create a deck you’re excited to enjoy with your friends and family, or to provide a space for personal escape. No matter what your goals are, we will design the perfect deck that gives you the optimal space you need to decorate an extension of your home. Contact us now to start the rewarding process of a new or refurbished deck.

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