Get Ready for the New Season

As we begin to feel the cool breeze skimming amongst our faces and the roaming leaves change color, we can officially confirm that Autumn is here. To be fully prepared for the seasonal transition, you may want to ask yourself an important question, “is my home ready for the change in seasons.” The intense summer heat can drastically damage your home and its exterior. If not taken care of prior, these can become a serious problem. Therefore, it is essential to check that your outdoor space is fully equipped and supplied to prevent any uncertain damages that lead to serious and costly issues later in the season. Provided are some samples of things you may want to check to assure that your home is properly maintained or if you need any adjustments or repairs. This way, you can enjoy the Fall season stress-free.


1. Unclog your Gutters:

It is crucial to wipe out the remaining debris accumulated in your gutters with any fallen leaves or the residue from summer showers. Accumulated debris or excess water in your gutters can cause severe damages and are more inclined to rust and corrosion if not treated before any temperature changes. The solution is easy, simple, and doesn’t require any professional assistance:

  1. Your safety is eminent, so make sure your ladder is sturdy and avoid leaning it against the gutters.
  2. When cleaning out the debris, there are endless options you can choose; providing the tools you choose can scoop up all the remains. Some examples include a garden trowel, a spatula, or a small shovel.
  3. Once you remove the debris, remember to wash out any leftover remnants with water; not only will this fully clear out your downspouts, but it helps detect any leaks in your gutters, if there are any.

You may also want to install mesh gutter screens to sustain the cleanliness of your gutters.


2. Roof Inspection:

In addition to examining your gutters, another recommendation is to check your roof is fully intact. With accumulated debris and constant sun exposure, your roof may be prone to severe problems if not appropriately examined. Properly inspecting your roof before the seasonal change can help you catch any potential flaws prior to it causing a critical issue. A poor roof inspection can lead to damages such as moisture damage, cracks, leaks, potentially damaged shingles, or erosion. It is essential to ensure the safety and protection of your home during unpredictable Texas weather.


3. Time for a Retouch:

Texas heat is no joke. Constant exposure to UV rays can cause the paint on your home walls to crack, peel off, or fade, resulting in an unappealing image. Luckily, as the weather begins to cool down, there is a perfect opportunity to repaint your home and give it a fresh look. To begin, you may want to follow a couple of steps to ensure you foster that elegant, professional look that will leave your neighbors in awe. First, avoid painting over the damaged paint; instead, scrape off the existing paint with a paint scraper, then smooth off the surface of the walls with dust rags to give it a clean appearance. Finally, it’s time for the exciting part. Choose the color of your preference and begin to set in motion the transformation of your home.


3. Lawn Beautification:

Don’t store away your water hoses or sprinklers just yet. Although the blazing hot temperatures are easing down, your lawn still requires water for the grass to replenish and survive the colder weather. To strengthen the grass, it is best to fertilize your lawn. If you fertilize during cooler conditions, the grass will have a higher chance of absorbing the proper nutrients needed to grow stronger and last all season. Purchase a fertilizer that appropriately suits the type of grass your lawn has. Lastly, remove any growing weeds or dead grass you may spot on your lawn. Remember your lawn requires maintenance, so keep an eye on it to dodge any unexpected issues.



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