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How to Get Your Deck Ready for the Fall Season

Bring New Life to Your Deck: Tips for Quick Restoration after Months of Neglect

In most areas of the country right now, people may be gearing up for icy weather, but here, in Central Texas, warm sunshine still calls us out to our decks. If you feel like taking advantage of your deck and want to spruce it up after a few months of neglect, we’ve got some tips for restoring it and making sure it’s in the best shape for holiday festivities.


This year, we went through one of the hottest and driest summers in decades. With no cloud cover, the sun’s ultraviolet light can break down particles in the wood. Make sure to take a close look across the surface of your deck and check for protrusions. The last thing you want is grandpa or your neighbor’s toddler tripping in the middle of a get-together.
However, if your deck happens to be close to an outdoor faucet, you may also want to examine the area for any potential water damage that could have appeared while you were inside staying cool. Leaks over me can lead to cracks, mold and rot!


Once you have located damage on the deck or risks from leaky faucets or gutters, it’s me to get to work. You may only need to replace some nails, or it might get as laborious as replacing a whole joist. But if you notice real structural damage, it may be wiser in the long term to rebuild your deck.

Brightwing Custom Exteriors can help you recreate your backyard living space with a fresh new structure. From the budget-conscious pressure treated pine, durable cedar or Ipe, or low-maintenance composites such as Trex and Timbertech, Brightwing can do it.


To avoid further damage, consider purchasing a protective coat to guard against the elements and the wear and tear of foot traffic. Make sure that the sealer you buy is appropriate to the type of wood you have. If your deck is already worn, paint provides a more uniform look, covering up imperfections.

For periods when you won’t be taking advantage of the deck, a deck covering or an awning can act as great protective barriers. Otherwise, you may want to trim branches hanging over your deck.


Once you’ve restored the look of your deck, enjoy it! But make sure that you maintain it too. Those charming autumn leaves that have been building up recently can quickly take a toll if left to their own devices. Leaves that pile up in one spot can rot and cause mold, damaging not only the surface of your deck, but undermining the structure of your deck over me.

If you think your deck requires more than a few simple repairs, or if you’d like to invest in building a deck, give our experts a call at 512-323-0124!

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