DIY Fall Project

DIY Fall Project

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall. As we enter a new season, the time has come to pull out the Autumn decorations. You may already have fall inspired decorations up in the attic, but why not decorate your home in a way that demonstrates your personal style. So, put on your creativity hat and build your own fall inspired decorations. A DIY fall decorations project is a great activity that encourages family bonding, creative thinking, and self-expression. Below are a few ideas that may inspire your imagination and help you give your home its own personalized touch.



1. Symbol of Fall:

What describes fall better than bright orange pumpkins? Pumpkins are a must-have fall outdoor decoration, and luckily there are many creative and fun ways to incorporate them into your DIY project. Whether you buy a real or fake pumpkin, below are a few ideas you can choose from:

      Grab some paint and let the pumpkin become your canvas. Paint a face or use stencils to create different patterns; get creative with this easy craft and pick an idea that inspires your style.

      Carve out the pumpkin and cut out your own design, whether it be an elegant pattern or a funny face. Once finished, you may want to add some illumination to make the pumpkin and its design visible during the day and night. Place the pumpkins on your porch for a glowing effect.

      Create your own succulent pumpkin by gluing your favorite plants on the top of the pumpkin. You may want to accessorize your backyard by placing your succulent pumpkin arrangement around your deck or the front walkway. Include Autumn-related hues to align with the fall focused aesthetic.


2. Autumnal Accent

Welcome your guests by installing an Autumn inspired touch with the creation of your own wreath. The wreath can then be hung up on your front door. With a small arrangement of different supplies such as leaves, flowers, pinecones, wooden sticks, or anything that comes to your imagination, you can craft your very own Autumn inspired wreath.

Visiting pumpkin patches becomes very popular during the fall time. So why not create a simple display and add a personalized touch. Decide on a unique theme to display your decorations. It can be as simple as stacking up different sized pumpkins around your front door, adding classic accessories such as scarecrows, wheelbarrows, vintage chair stands, straw baskets, etc. This idea makes for fun, ravishing outdoor decor.


3. Fall Fence/Deck:

If your fence or deck is looking very dull, dazzle it up with fall inspired accessories. Intertwine various objects together and wrap them around the fence. Of course, this can work on your mailbox or railing as well.



4. Mason “Fall” Jars:

Decorating mason jars is a fun and trendy activity that gives off a very subtle and elegant look when placed around the home’s outdoor area. Each family member can decorate their Autumn themed mason jar that best fits their style. This portrays a more personal form of decorations and inspires each family member to get creative and elicit their personality.




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